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Edible Weeds
28 May 
Keith’s house – Ormond
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Doris will be doing her Edible Weeds Talk. Edible weeds will be on display for touching and tasting along with loads of photos of weeds to become familiar with. Doris’ talk will go for about 40 minutes with the opportunity for asking questions along the way and general discussion. Books will be available for purchase on the evening. Come along and meet other keen weed foragers!

Check out Doris’ Edible Weeds website.


Keith’s house
17 Wild Cherry Rd
Country: au

Hire Professional Building Designers

Hire Professional Building Designers

Whether you are interested in a new construction or you are restoring an old building, you want to be completely satisfied with the finished outcome. Most likely, you already have some ideas about what you want in your home. Before handing your plans over to a construction company, you need to create a detailed blueprint of what you want. Luxury Living Homes – Building designers Melbourne can help you design the home of your dreams. You might already have your mind set on a grand entrance or a second floor. A construction company can build the home to your specifications, but an experienced designer will help you figure out the details.

Save Money and Expedite the Building Process
You can expedite the process by showing the building designers pictures of what you want in your dream home. You may get a few recommendations, and you might have to modify a few of your designs. The final draft of the blueprint will incorporate all of your ideas. Great building designers can help you avoid costly and tedious construction changes. Before beginning the new construction or remodeling project, the building designers will make sure that you are satisfied with the final blueprint.

Ultimately, you control the design of the inside and the outside of your home. When you browse pictures of homes, you will have a clear idea of what fixtures you want in your home. A team of building designers can help you explore your options, and a great architect will make sure that you have a clear understanding of the blueprint.

IT Support Melbourne Offers Excellent IT Services

IT Support Melbourne Offers Excellent IT Services

We exist in a digital world and major deals and work require possession of a computer. These computers require maintenance and repair in order to continue offering services to you. Locating an expert to offer these mandatory services can cause you a lot of headache and consume your valuable time. IT Support Melbourne is dedicated to solve this mystery. We offer business IT support service across the Melbourne city. Our clients range from home users, private offices, large corporations, Government to businesses of up to 500 staffs.We possess a highly trained team of professionals comprised of University qualified computer technicians. They are endowed with many years of practical experience and a record of accomplishment of offering excellent computer services. IT Support Melbourne offers emergency response time of less than 30 minutes. We do not stop offering services until the customer confirms his/her satisfaction.

IT Support Melbourne provides FREE on –site Assessment for large organizations. To ensure that they are satisfied before allowing we solve their IT problems. For this program visit our website or call 1300 89 2200 to speak to our IT Consultant. Our focus is to establish a strong relationship with our clients, working towards managing their satisfaction.

We have been able to establish a strong reputation and IT Support Melbourne is the firm that most people trust for IT Switch – Managed IT services in Melbourne. Currently we are covering Camberwell, Hawthorn, Collingwood and more industries.

We are considerate to our customer’s welfare and at IT Support Melbourne; you will get most competitive prices. We also respond to your calls within the shortest time possible and offer excellent business IT services. We complete our work within the timeline and ensure our clients are back to business within no time.

Why Purchasing Dog Beds Online Offers an Excellent Value for Pet Owners

Why Purchasing Dog Beds Online Offers an Excellent Value for Pet Owners

If you are a busy pet owner, then ordering dog beds online is an excellent way to save time in addition to budgeting money. Driving to a brick-and-mortar pet store is too time-consuming, and after you get there, the store is often out of the size, style and price point needed. However, buying dog beds online is fast and easy because the stores provide detailed information concerning sizes along with having full color photographs to find designs that complement a room’s décor.

When you are a new pet owner who needs pet supplies quickly, it also possible to select rush shipping on orders. There are excellent reasons to buy an assortment of dog beds online instead of having just one because placing a pet’s bed in each room of a home provides the animal with a place to stay while you are busy preparing a meal or working on a computer. You know that if you don’t have a designated place for a pet, the animal climbs on a couch or chair to make a mess with its fur.

A soft portable bed gives your dog a place to relax and sleep without it leaving a mess on upholstered furniture or wall-to-wall carpeting. Doggy Beds Dog beds online are definitely a great value for pet owners with multiple pets. Pet stores make buying dog beds online easy with payments using debit or credit cards, and the items are shipped to any address you choose.